Marble Sculptures

We are passionate to build and recreate sculptures, special pieces of furniture and a variety of precious modern home decoration. We specialize in handmade sculptures with a variety of prestigious marbles and our artisans come from a very long experience and passion. Our products are made in their laboratory in Italy, main in the Apulia region and other parts of Italy. The land of unique stones where a lot of sculptors meet and crate so many beautiful pieces of jewelry that are exported all over the world. Contact us for more information.

Bianco Carrara

Bianco Carrara it is the marble of excellence , most used for sculptures and decorations. Extracted from Carrara region in tuscany and used since many centuries ago from big sculptors like MICHELANGELO, this stone marble has a deep ice white color partnered with grey veins very well appreciated all over the world


It is a high quality black stone marble extracted from the region of MARKINA in north of Spain. Fine and most valuable marble in Spain , very compact , grey and black bottom with abundant white veins


This stone marble is extracted from the region of LA SPEZIA,RIVIERA AND PORTO VENERE in Italy.Has a deep rich black color with yellow gold veins, it is considered one of the most luxurious and elegant marble, very unique for all it’s endless decorative use


Has a pale pink bottom with veins patterns sometime pale grey and sometime dark pink color Elegant and prestigious at the same time , more and more in demand


It is a French prestigious stone marble, very bright red combine with dark red with some grey and white veins. very elegant and alive color that create a strong contrast with modern places


From the region of Tuscany this stone marble is basically green but can go from a green/grey to a green/blue and sometimes dark blue. Very shiny and strongly compact stone.

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