Materium Concept

Materium is an italian company based in the region of Puglia where our prestigious wall clocks are hand made and sold here in the states. Our company is proud to bring a piece of art to homes that want combine vibrant  vibe and elegant accessory.

Each element is based on the use of quality natural materials,  that apply advanced technologies with the collaboration of highly skilled  and expert craftsmen.

The know-how of Italian companies and artisans strictly specialized in their sector has allowed them to create objects purely hand-finished, with unquestionable elegance

In the MATERIUM furnishing complements the passion for design and functionality of the objects is evident, which are the result of the incessant experimentation in the use of different types of materials made to coexist within the same product.


High end and actractive modern wall clocks


Wall clocks are made exclusively by master watchmakers. Design is nothing without the technique


Precious marble, wood, nickel, brass and gold materials give our wall watches style and consistency.


Study of the form, experimentation with materials, constant research of new technologies and processes for processing the elements

The “Wall clocks” project represents the synthesis of the Materium work which, in the field of interior design seeks the perfect harmony between matter, technique and design dedicated to the reading of time

Each watch is made as if it were a jewel, in which the preciousness of the elements and the elegance of the artifact are evident, thanks to the peculiarity of the workmanship, the details and the handmade finishes.

Solid wood in different finishes, fine marble hand-crafted by expert craftsmen, fine metallic finishes in polished chrome, black nickel and 24K gold plated make the watches real precious furnishing accessories to be displayed in environments that they want to convey elegance, sobriety and class.

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