It was born from the idea of reinterpreting with style and elegance the objects and the furnishing accessories for the whole house, through the enhancement and expressiveness of the materials used.


All the metallic elements that make up a MATERIUM watch are made using the copper-zinc alloy commonly called brass.


The chrome plating process consists of the electrolytic deposition of chromium on a previously nickel-plated support. The characteristic of chrome is hardness and stability over time.


It is a galvanic, tin / nickel or nickel / cobalt process obtained through an aqueous solution. It is used for decorative purposes in different applications.

GOLD 24kt

During the gilding operation, the previously nickel-plated piece is immersed in the process tank and coated with a thin 24 carat gold film. Subsequently, it is electrostatically painted with transparent nanotechnological paint, in an oven.


The tree grows throughout Europe, Asia, northern Africa, North and Central America, and Canada. Among the various European typologies, the Yugoslav one is considered to be of greater value.


The tree is easily found in the northeastern areas of the United States, but it also grows in the area south to Florida and Texas. Wood not suitable for exposure in wet environments.


The tree grows in African tropical forests, mainly in southern Camerum to the Belgian Congo. It is a wood that tolerates moisture well, and is well preserved over time.

Guilloche Marble

Arabescato marble is a very precious variety of white lithotype with dark gray veins. In fact, the name arabescato marble derives from the names of its veins also called arabesques.

Emperador Dark

Emperador Dark marble is a very famous and appreciated natural stone, characterized by a splendid dark brown color, sometimes black, and warm hazelnut, cream and greenish veins, one of the most modern and modern stone materials, excellent for many types of applications , both for interiors and exteriors.

Calacatta Gold

The Marble Calacatta Macchia Oro is a precious and refined marble, used since the Renaissance. The peculiarities of Calacatta Gold are the crystalline white background with elegant golden-yellow veins, characteristics that make this marble a material suitable for interior design projects and luxury objects.

Sahara Noir

The depth of the intense black of the Sahara Noir is interrupted by thin veins that seem vibrant blades of light. A geometric and defined design characterizes this material that transmits opulence and richness. For this particular ornamental effect, similar to a modern art painting

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