The follow terms and conditions of sale is regarding the sole offer and sale of products on our website MATERIUMUSA, please read the terms and conditions before agree to any purchases that are governed by the terms and conditions.
Our Headquarter in located in Los Angeles, Studio City, 91604, CA Vendor of this website reserve the right to NOT process the order which does not comply with the vendor’s business policy.
No third party supply service should be involved in this product sales and under no circumstances vendor should be liable for the supply of theservice provided by third parties.
Consumers acknowledge and agree that by accessing or using our service,which offer customize art products and home accessory and furniture, areindicating, read and understand to be bound by this terms and conditions. If consumer do not agree then the consumer have no right to buy from MATERIUMUSA.
MATERIUMUSA reserve the right to modify this terms and conditions any time without prior notice, included discontinue or terminate any product. Continuing buy our products indicate that consumer agree to be bound by the modify terms. If the modify terms are not accepted by the consumer then the onlyrecourse is not to buy our products.
MATERIUMUSA reserve the right to add or remove any sample products without any notice, products are obscene, violent, harassing or objectionable will be not expose, traded or advertise MATERIUMUSA doesn’t sale second hands products, the color or texture may look and feel different from the picture or program used to recreate the images in the computer monitor.
All items are handmade from our artisans and may not exactly correspond to the real garments in terms of colors. Price are base on the color, material, size, style and the labor cost. Consumer should receive product with no damage and the same product should be replace at no cost. If product has manufacturing defect should be replace at no cost or fixed if consumer agree. All sales are final and no contract after executed will be changed, also no payment will be returned after the order has been place. MATERIUMUSA provide the originality of the products, where made, how is made and the specification for each one with the necessary serial number.
MATERIUMUSA provide how the products are sold and the payment instructions of which the product is subject and governed under the terms and conditions. Consumer’s information will be not delivered to third party or sold, MATERIUMUSA will keep those information for future promotions of a new product.
Vendor may refuse to process the order where there is not sufficient found, incorrect or incomplete information or products are not available.
Duties and fee maybe included in the final price and the vendor reserve the right to charge any extra inconvenient fee due to the extra cost that will incurred because the suddenly rise of material cost, labor, shipping, government fee and duty fee.
Vendor is not responsible for any delay of the shipping or fabrication of the products, everything are made oversea, a huge distance that very difficult to control the frame time.
All products images does not intent to promote violence,pornography, vulgar or offensive act, discrimination, defamatory, racism, harassment, or harm against any individuals or group, harms minors, promote illegals or harmful activity or substances.
MATERIUMUSA is protected by copyright and respect copyright law.
MATERIUMUSA provide no warranty for all the products but make sure to receive the right quality indicated on the website or contracts, and maintain a transparent relation with each customer. Any advice verbally or orally does not create any warranty and the consumer should looking for advices from a professional or a person is knowledge about our products’ Consumer agree using our service that any dispute or claim must to be resolved exclusively by the state or federal court or arbitration located in Los Angeles County of California.
Our goal is to meet consumer expectations and commit to work in a transparent and honest etic and offer quality and unique products for upscale consumers.

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